Financing investment  

Zhuhai Gree Financial Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gree Financial Investment”) was formally incorporated on May 18, 2017 in Zhuhai National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. With a registered capital of 600 million yuan, it is a financial sector wholly owned by the Gree Group. The establishment of Gree Financial Investment is a key measure aimed at implementing the strategic objective of “accelerating the development of industry, transportation, and urban construction and promoting Zhuhai’s development to a new level” proposed by the 8th Zhuhai Municipal Party Congress and the “Second Entrepreneurship” strategic conception proposed by new leadership team of the Gree Group.

Gree Financial Investment adheres to the strategic concept of financially serving the real economy. It is mainly positioned to provide financial services for the Gree Group and various business segments of the Group. It inherits Gree Group's unique manufacturing genes and actively carries out asset management, capital operations, projects investment and other businesses related to the real economy. At the same time, it also provides financial support to major project construction and industrial transformation and upgrading in line with the goals and requirements for financial innovation of the municipal party committee and municipal government.

Gree Financial Investment has taken up the heavy responsibility of utilizing the combination of production and finance to promote the revitalization of the real economy by focusing on fund management, equity investment, and capital operations. Gree Financial Investment has invested in three subsidiary companies: Zhuhai Gree Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Gree Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Gree Financial Guarantee Co., Ltd. The main businesses that have been carried out so far are: equity investment funds (industrial funds, merger and acquisition funds, urban construction funds, etc.), investment in industrial projects, investment and financing advisory services, and so on. Gree Financial Investment was approved to implement the equity investment trusteeship management institution for the government financial operating funds in the strategic business field; and in the equity investment fund business field it has set up the Zhuhai Fund (urban operating fund + industrial fund), Longfeng Copper Pipes Fund, and Oriental Fortune Capital New Material Second Phase Venture Capital Fund, Huiyinyunze Fund, Gree Xinxing No. 2 Industrial Fund; and planned to invest in the establishment of Gree Xinxing No. 1 Industrial Fund, Yueke Advanced Manufacturing Fund, Gegao No. 1 Venture Capital Fund, Gree Jinwan Health Industry Fund, etc.; invested in Guangdong Zhongshi Intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc Project in the field of industrial investment; participated in the financing services of Zhuhai Xingye Road Expressway (north section) and other projects in the financing business area; carried out the feasibility study of the Gree Island Assets Securitization ABS project and co-ordinated the financing services of Gree Group's registered issuance of corporate bonds, medium-term notes business, and Xiangzhou Sanxi International Smart Technology Town.

Looking ahead, Gree Financial Investment will strive to become bigger and stronger for achieving the leap-forward development goals of the Group's business and strive to create a regional, leading, professional and efficient multi-license integrated financial investment platform.

Major businesses currently in operation
Equity funds (Industrial Funds, M&A Funds, Urban Construction Funds, etc.)
Investment and financing of industrial projects
Financing guarantee
Investment and financing consulting services